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Interlaken was a haven of extreme sports and mountain goodness. From biking to hiking, rafting to canyoning, it's all here. I took in some white water rafting, and went canyoning, which is easily the most crazy thing I've ever done. If I don't get rained out, skydiving is also on the agenda.

Blog - Rafting, Canyoning, and General Craziness

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By sheer force of luck, I got to skydive the morning I left Switzerland. What a way to say goodbye!

Blog - Jumping from a Perfectly Good Plane

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I stopped in Strasbourg on my way to Scandinavia where local French extraordinaire Yann and his family treated me as a king, or at least some sort of cult leader.

Blog - Strasbrrrg
Blog - Ribeauville

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Munich & Prague


I stopped in Munich for Saturday night at the beer gardens and took off for Prague the next day for my first truly eastern Europe stop.

Blog - Munchen and Prague
Blog - Czech, Please

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Berlin is a city that's never the same thing twice. Hopefully these photos captured a moment of Berliness.

Blog - Czech, Please
Blog - Then We Take Berlin

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Berlin Zoo


We spent Sunday in the Berlin Zoo, rather by fluke, but quite a lot of fun. Animal indifferents may be advised to avoid this particular album.

Blog - Bye Bye Berlin

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Sweden Solo


After finishing my Contiki trip, it was time to tackle Sweden again. This time, it was my turn.

Blog - Sweden or Bust(s)

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Warsaw marked the beginning of my trek south towards Greece through the highlights of Eastern Europe

Blog - See Warsaw
Blog - Oh, Those Russians

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Next stop in Poland, the legendary city of Krakow, complete with daytrips to a salt mine and the infamous Auschwitz, not to mention a meet up with Jess of Contiki fame.

Blog - Krakon, Krakov

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A quick stop in Zakopane to see a little Polish countryside, though the attempt was mostly rained out.

Zakopana, Schmakopana

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The Paris of the East and the Queen of the Danube may have a thing or two to teach its western sister.

Happiness Is A Warm Budapest
Budapest Est Paris (Est)

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Zagreb & Ljubljana


Zagreb was dull, but Ljubljana was worth a stopover.

Blog - Slovenia in One Week Or Less

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Soccer Celebration19 viewsThousands of people filled the square, some celebrating Lisbon's victory, other celebrating that they tied. And others still looking to fight.
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