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73 - Feb 21 - Where Mayans Played That Crazy Game.jpg
Mayan Mayhem16 viewsThe site of that crazy Mayan game. You know the one...
89 - Feb 21 - The Last Mayan.jpg
The Last Mayan16 viewsTaking it all in.
38 - Feb 20 - Our Dive Boat.jpg
Our Dive Boat15 viewsOf course, nobody female under 40 (or over 15).
44 - Feb 20 - The Interview Was Rigorous.jpg
Introducing... Dean15 viewsThe interview was rigorous.
46 - Feb 20 - John Had Some Problems With Montezuma.jpg
Montezuma's Revenge15 viewsApparently, I wasn't the only one walking funny.
76 - Feb 21 - Our Tour Guide Alejandro.jpg
Alejandro15 viewsAlejandro was our tour guide through the ruins.
87 - Feb 21 - Looking Over The Mexican Forest.jpg
Rainforest15 viewsAtop Chichen Itza overlooking the forests of Mexico.
39 - Feb 20 - We Called This Peacock Pedro.jpg
Pedro Peacock14 viewsThere's really no good Spanish name for a peacock, so Pedro will have to do.
67 - Feb 21 - Ik Kil 1.jpg
Ik Kil14 viewsA crater en route to Chichen Itza
99 - Feb 23 - Aquamarina.jpg
Aquamarina Hotel14 viewsOur home in Mexico for 7 days, 6 nights.
99A - Feb 23 - Goodbye Palms.jpg
Goodbye Palms14 viewsYou might say they waved farewell. They didn't, but you might say it.
48 - Feb 20 - My Trademark Two-Handed Crotch Grab.jpg
Hooah!13 viewsMy trademark two-handed crotch grab which won the hearts of the audience.
80 - Feb 21 - John & I Discovered This Little Hole To Nowhere.jpg
Hole to Nowhere13 viewsSure it looks unsafe, but worse still, when we walked through it, we discovered it went... nowhere.
94 - Feb 22 - The Beginning Of El Minigolf De Muertes.jpg
El Minigolf...13 viewsDe la Muertes! Buahahaha.
97 - Feb 23 - The Pool Again.jpg
Empty Pool13 viewsSure, nobody wants to swim alone, but come on..
01 - Feb 18 - The View From Our Room.JPG
The View From Our Room12 viewsOur room was only on the second floor and had an air conditioner that electrocuted you if you tried to adjust it, but it sure gave a nice view of the pool and associated patrons.
49 - Feb 20 - Tequila Was As Plentiful As Water.jpg
Una tequila, por favor12 viewsThe tequila was as plentiful as the water.
53 - Feb 20 - The Mexican Dancers.jpg
Ole11 viewsThe REAL Mexican dancers
72 - Feb 21 - Temple of Chichen Itza.jpg
Temple of Chichen Itza11 viewsWe had a beautiful day to be there.
74 - Feb 21 - Indiana Jones Would Hate The Mayans.jpg
Snakes11 viewsIndiana Jones would hate it here.
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