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36 - Feb 20 - Concentrating On Not Getting Sick.jpg
Concentration!22 viewsDean concentrates on not being sick. It didn't work.
64 - Feb 20 - Me & Jesus.jpg
Dean & Jesus22 viewsHe's drunk? Thumb's up!
95 - Feb 22 - The Three Devices Of Death.jpg
Three Devices of Death22 views1) Ramp. Definitely.
2) Spiral up. Most likely.
3) Dean with golf club. Possibly lethal.
12 - Feb 19 - Im Melting.jpg
Feet in the Sand22 viewsI'm Melting
78 - Feb 21 - Its Bigger Than It Looks.jpg
It's Bigger Than It Looks22 viewsTrust me when I say it's also steeper than it looks.
92 - Feb 21 - Hes Got The Whole World.jpg
He's Got the Whole Temple19 views... In his hand.
23 - Feb 19 - Yeah, I Definitely Left My Mark.jpg
Footprint18 viewsHere's one of them now!
26 - Feb 19 - These Danger Flags Change Colour Less Than US Security Levels.jpg
Terrorist Threat?18 viewsThese dangers flags changed colours less frequently than the US' security levels.
43 - Feb 20 - The Fast Mexican Dance Had Our Stomachs in Knots.jpg
Knotty18 viewsPole dance has a different meaning in Mexico.
55 - Feb 20 - Julia, Me, and Darryl.jpg
Julia, Dean, Darryl18 viewsA cool couple from Vancouver, lots of fun and into good music. Too bad we didn't meet them earlier.
70 - Feb 21 - John & I Were Actually At Ik Kil.jpg
Dean & John18 viewsProof that we were actually there.
93 - Feb 21 - The Chichen Itza Experience Is Over.jpg
Goodbye, CI18 viewsJohn & I leave Chichen Itza with one last shot.
10 - Feb 19 - John Experiences A Moment of Panic.jpg
John Experiences A Moment of Panic17 viewsThe waves were deceptively tall.
40 - Feb 20 - Steph, Danny, Ginny.jpg
Steph, Danny, Ginny17 viewsOut for dinner.
42 - Feb 20 - Jesus Was A Cowboy.jpg
Howdy17 viewsJesus was a cowboy.
58 - Feb 20 - Me & Erika Take 1.jpg
Dean & Erika17 viewsThere were many photos of this nature taken. Many, many.
85 - Feb 21 - I Hereby Claim This Observatory.jpg
Ancient Observatory17 viewsI hereby claim this observatory for ... Deanopia!
37 - Feb 20 - The Really Big Mexican Flag And Pirate Ships.jpg
Mega Flag16 viewsThe really big Mexican flag and a floating pirate ship restaurant.
41 - Feb 20 - Dinner With Friends.jpg
Dinner with Friends16 viewsA lot of the people our age and from Canada (and particularly female) didn't have much to do with us, but these guys were all nice, even if one of them looks like Emery.
50 - Feb 20 - My Mexican Dance.jpg
Sure, Mexican Hat Dance!16 viewsI make my awful attempt at the Mexican hat dance while Danny points out the various flaws to John.
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